Hawley's Loral Skynet

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The location is off Route 6 on Kimble Road just before you get to Lake Wallenpaupack

Latitude: N41-27-51 (41.46417)
Longitude: W75-07-48 (-75.13000)
Elevation: 885 ft. (270 M)

Hawley is an earth station, transmitting and receiving voice, data and video signals by microwave radio between terrestrial networks and communications satellites in geosynchronous orbit 22,300 miles above the earth. An article in AT&T's Long Lines magazine (Vol. 60, No. 3, 1980) notes that "Hawley was chosen for this key role because it's in an area that offers a good deal of environmental protection from radio interference - in this case, a natural 'bowl' in the heart of the Pocono Mountains."

Hawley's principal structures are three 98 ft. diameter (30M) and one 44-ft. (13M) parabolic "dish" satellite antennas, a smaller dish with its own equipment shelter, and an operations building.


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Hawley was built by the Comsat-General subsidiary of Communications Satellite Corporation (COMSAT), the company created by the federal government to operate the nation's satellite network, as one of the seven original earth stations serving four COMSTAR satellites, which were leased by AT&T.

In July 1979, the FCC lifted a three-year moratorium on AT&T's satellite private line and special communications services. While the moratorium was in effect, AT&T could offer satellite-carried private line services only to the federal government. AT&T Long Lines ultimately took over the tracking and control duties from Comsat-General at Hawley. Four of the seven COMSAT earth stations were to be operated by Long Lines as part of the Telstar 3 system.

Under AT&T's ownership, Hawley became the company's Satellite Operations Management Center, serving as "mission control" during launches as well as handling day-to-day satellite operations. A 1979 Long Lines route map shows Hawley having a terrestrial microwave link to the large junction station at Colesville, NJ through relay stations at Rowland, PA and Glen Spey, NY.

On March 14, 1997, Loral Space & Communications Ltd. acquired AT&T Skynet Satellite Services, which is now known as Loral Skynet. Hawley continues to perform the same functions as it did under AT&T's ownership.

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