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Fourth Generation

14. Clarence Ralph TIEL was born on Dec 14, 1876 in Dyberry Township, Wayne County, Pennsylvania. He signed a will on Apr 12, 1955. Left all his belongings to his wife, Martha. He died on Jul 29, 1955. Clarence was a foreman at the Dorflinger Glass company...He met Martha Glosenger there. In 1915 he bought a farm and went in to business for himself trucking milk and coal. Clarence Ralph TIEL and Martha Amanda GLOSENGER were married on Aug 15, 1903 in Narrowsburg, New York.

15. Martha Amanda GLOSENGER was born on Jul 19, 1885 in White Mills, Wayne County, Pennsylvania. She died on Oct 1, 1967 in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. She had Social Security Number 210-36-6697. Children were:



Hazel Florence TIEL.


Leslie Scott TIEL was born on Jun 25, 1907. Jun 20 or 25... He died on Jan 23, 1950. He was buried in East Dyberry Cemetary, Pennsylvania.


Wayne Clarence TIEL was born.


Francis Louis TIEL was born.


Marjorie Leila TIEL was born on Jan 4, 1920 in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. She died on Jun 30, 1997 in Midland, Michigan. She was buried in Shumaker Cemetary, Dalton, PA.


Mabel Alvena TIEL was born.