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Fourteenth Generation

12226. John PIERCE immigrated about 1630. He died on Sep 17, 1661 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. He had his estate probated on Oct 11, 1661 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. John's will is as follows:

In consideration of my unfeigned love unto Rebecca, my wife, and also by way of Restoration of what I married with her and have injoyed of her former husband's estate, I leave the home and land we live in, freely, unto her and also out of that little God hath given mee, my will is she have in such things as may be, to her Content and Comfort, to the value of œ13, in necessary as bed, Table, Chaire, pott and other household stuff, as she and my overseers can agree upon, or the value aforesaid payd her in some convenient time after my Decease. For my owne house and land yt I lately purchased in Boston, my will is that my wife during the time of her widowhood after my decease, shall have one halfe of the yearlley rent and profitt of the same and no longer; yee other halfe of the yearlly profftt of the aforesaid land I dispose of for the education and maintenance of my sonne Samuell and after the Death or Day that my wife shall change her condition by marriage, that all said house and land shall be and Remain, the Inheritance of my sonne Samuel and his heyres forever. For my son Nehemiah Pears I give him all my working tools and implements belonging to my Calling with all the timber and stuffe to work upon, be it at home or elsewhere, Desiring he may by the helpe of God, be a good husband in the use of it, and then I hope he may Live like a man. For my dau. [blank] the wife of Jeremiah Rogers, it is my will that whereas her husband stands in debted unto mee œ20 more or less the same I give unto my dau. and her children; also 20s a peece unto his 3 children after my Decease. For my three daus. Mary, Mercy and Exercise I give unto them the Remainder of my estate be it land, goods, cattle, etc., be it at Boston, Dorchester or else where; mywill is they have it equally Divided amongst them; and if any dye before age of 18 or marry these portions to be divided amongst the survivors.
For ye equale Administration of the premises I beg ye help of my Loving friends William Killcupp, William Robinson and John Wisewall, to advise and direct upon all occasions, according to law 16:7:61.

Signed in pr'nc of
John Wisewall, Wm. Killcupp
11 Oct., 1671. Power of administration
to the estate granted to Mr. John
Wisewall, Wm Robinson and Wm. Killcupp. He was born in Bristol, Gloucester County, England. IGI Record Batch number:8802033 Sheet:58 Source Call No.1396468 for Abiah's birth.

John PIERCE and Parnell were married about 1631.

12227. Parnell.Children were: