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Ninth Generation

382. Josiah ROGERS was born on Dec 14, 1760 in Canterbury, Windham, Connecticut. He died on Aug 14, 1841. from a genforum posting by Eric Howard ehwd@kutath.phast.umass.edu on 9/26/1998 The June 1, 1840 census of Windham twp., Luzerne County had a 79 year old Josiah Rogers.....Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Service with their names, ages and place of residence as returned by the Marshals of the Several Judicial Districts
Under the Act for Taking the Sixth Census in 1840.
Washington; Printed by: Blair and Rives 1841

Per his own declaration to the court on 9/4/1832, backed up by many declarations of acquaintences regarding his reputation,

He resided in Canterbury, CT in 1779 and in May of that year he enlisted as a private for the term of three months into the service of the State of Connecticut under the command of Captain Joseph Burgess. It was a single militia company, mosted of them drafted for three month's service and mustered in the town of Canterbury. They marched to Chatham on the North River, where they remained for a month and a half on guard, then marched to Groton, CT to remain at the fort until his term of service expired. He was dismissed with the rest of his company and returned home without any written documents of discharge. The officer commanding the fort during his service was Col. Ledyard.

He again enlisted in March of 1782 as a private for the term of one year in to the service of the Connecticut State militia under the command of Captain Daniel Allen, who had enlisted a company of volunteers in the towns of Ashford and Canterbury, CT.

He then enlisted as a substitiute for Deacon Jacob Winters and David Dodge, the older men being then formed in to ???? which evolve to send one man cash, either as a volunteer, or as a substitiute. The two individuals named paid Josiah Rogers five dollars continental money as a bounty for his enlisting for ???? to which they belonged.... From the aforesaid towns the company marched to Horse Neck, but being himself sick with the Small Pox, he did not march with them, but joined the company at Horse Neck about one month later, where he found the company attached to a regiment under the command of Col. Samuel Canfield..... making a regiment of four companies. He remained in service at Horse Neck until the expiration of his term, the first day of April, 1783, when he was discharged without any written documents. The whole regiment was discharged at the same time, peace having been previously made.

The applicant was in no battle during this term, but was employed in small scouting parties along the lines against the "refugees" and what was then called the "Cow Boys"......

He further states that he was born in the aforesaid town of Canterbury, Windham County, Connecticut, on the 4th of December, 1760, and, has seen nearly thirty years ago, saw this time of his birth thus recorded in the register of the Clerk of that town that he was residing in said town when he enlisted under Captain Allen, and continued to reside there until the year 1809 when he moved to the State of Pennsylvania in the place where he now resides. [dick's note:Windham, Wyoming County, PA].

....Signature of Josiah Rogers

Ruth Rogers applied for widow benefits later on 4/17/1844. There is testimony signed by her children attesting to their marriage as well as a court document (Cayuga, NY) recognizing the marriage. Ruth was present to review the documents, but had someone else sign her name.. "signed in her presence and by her request, she not being able from bodily infirmaty". She declared that she was "married to Josiah Rogers on the Second Day of October Seventeen Hundred & Eighty Five."

Josiah ROGERS and Ruth HARRIS were married on Oct 2, 1785.
State of New York
County of Cayuga

383. Ruth HARRIS was born on Mar 26, 1764 in Canterbury, Windham, Connecticut. Still need to prove that Ruth ROGERS is the Ruth HARRIS from Canterbury, Connecticut, daughter of Paul Harris and Mary Herrington before this line gets traced back. Supposedly she came to Pennsylvania with her brother Ebenezer.

Ruth Harris of Canterbury, CT birth info is from the Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records for Windham County, CT. Ruth, d. Paul & Mary, b. Mar. 26, 1764; 1; 161.

She died on Sep 22, 1844. State of New York

County of Cayuga

Children were:





Mary "Polly" ROGERS.


Theeda Emma ROGERS.




Gustavus Adolphus ROGERS36,37 was born about Feb 1800 in Canterbury, Windham County, Connecticut, USA.38,39,40 He died about 1860 in Albany Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, USA. Found in 1800 census as male under 10.
IGI Individual Record FamilySearch
Birth: About 1795 Canterbury, Windham, Connecticut
Spouse: Martha OR Patty H. Humphry

Shown as 49 in 1850 Albany Township, PA census.
http://awt.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=PED&db=craigsharrow&id=I469 40&style=TEXT

Assumed as not appearing in 1860 census.


Artemesia ROGERS41 was born on Oct 30, 1796 in Canterbury, Windam County, Connecticut. She was buried in May 1874 in Mt. Lake Cemetery, Burlington, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. She died on May 20, 1874 in Burlington, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.