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Twelfth Generation

2116. John CRANDALL Jr. was born in 1649 in Newport, Newport, RI. He died on Aug 14, 1704 in Newport, Newport, RI. He is reference number 1M01-CC. John Crandall, of Newport, Rhode Island, a blacksmith, married Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Gorton of Warwick, Rhode Island, June 18, 1672; this marriage taking place at Warwick, Rhode Island, and being performed by John Greene, Justice. John Crandall, Junior, and Elizabeth, his wife, had five children: John, Peter, Samuel, Elizabeth, Mary. In 1671 he was made a Freeman. On October 3, 1670, he received from his father, Reverend John Crandall, "for love," "all my goods, chattels, debts, household utentils, and all other personal estate, movable or immovable, quick or dead--putting him in quiet and peacable possession by payment of 1 shilling." On May 13, 1678, he, in a document stating that he was the son of John Crandall, of Newport, deceased, confirmed to his brothers, Jeremiah and Eber Crandall, a house in Westerly, "formerly the mansion house of my father, John Crandall," with two hundred acres of land. On December 12, 1682, he sold, for forty shillings, land in Narragansett, to George Lawton. Both he and his wife died in 1704.

Bibliographic Information: Washburn, Georgia Cooper. Witter Genealogy. The National Historical Company. New York 1929
John CRANDALL Jr. and Elizabeth GORTON were married on Jun 18, 1672 in Warwick, , Rhode Island.

2117. Elizabeth GORTON was born in 1646 in Warwick, Kent, RI. She died in 1704. She is reference number B08N-5R. ELIZABETH GORTON married, June 18, 1672, John Crandall, Jr. His father, John, was one of the elders of the Baptist Chrurch at Newport, the first elder of the church at Westerly; was Deputy while at Newport. In 1696 John, Jr., was at Narragansett. He died in 1704. (See Austin's One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families.)

ELIZABETH CRANDALL, married (???) Wilcox.
MARY CRANDALL, married (???) Phillips.

Bibliographic Information: Gorton, Adelos. The Life and Times of Samuel Gorton. Philadelphia: George S. Ferguson Co., 1907. Children were:


Elizabeth CRANDALL9 was born about 1672 in of, Newport, Westerly, Rhode Island. She is reference number 49DM-JC.
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John CRANDALL9 was born in 1673 in kingston, RI. He is reference number 3XL4-90.
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Samuel CRANDALL9 was born about 1677 in of, Newport, R.I.. He is reference number MRQ7-DJ.
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Mary CRANDALL9 was born in 1677 in , South Kingston, Washington, Rhode Island. She is reference number G8WP-QH.
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