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Twelfth Generation

2112. David PERKINS was born on Feb 28, 1654 in Hampton, NH. He died on Oct 1, 1736 in Bridgewater, MA. He was a Blacksmith. New England Families Genealogical and Memorial: Third Series, Volume III
Author: William Richard Cutter

Bibliographic Information: Cutter, William Richard. New England Families Genealogical and Memorial: Third Series, Volume III. 1915. Reprint, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1996.

PERKINS The family bearing this name is one of long and honorable standing in America, being one of the early settled families of New England, where it is first found of record in Hampton, then in Massachusetts, now in New Hampshire. Numbered among its members are found men who have been prominent in the learned professions, as well as in the business and financial circles of this country.......

David, son of Abraham Perkins, was born in Hampton, New Hampshire, February 28, 1653. He settled in Beverly, Massachusetts, in 1675, when he married Elizabeth Brown, born October 17, 1654, daughter of Francis Brown. He became a resident of Bridgewater, Massachusetts, in 1688, and in 1694 erected the first mill at the site of the iron works later known as Lazell, Perkins & Company. Of great influence and high character, he became the most prominent man of his section, and the first representative from his town to the general court after the union of the colonies of Plymouth and Massachusetts in 1692. This office he held at different times until 1707. His wife died July 14, 1735, and he passed away October 1, 1736. His children were Mary, David, Nathan, Abraham and Thomas.
David PERKINS and Elizabeth BROWN were married about 1675 in Beverly, Essex Co., MA.

2113. Elizabeth BROWN9 was born on Oct 17, 1654 in Beverly, Essex Co., MA. She died on Jul 14, 1735 in Bridgewater, MA. Children were:



Abraham PERKINS.


Mary PERKINS was born in Beverly, , Massachusetts.51