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Fifteenth Generation

29826. Richard TREAT was born on Aug 28, 1584 in Pitminster, Somerset, England. He died on Mar 3, 1669 in Wethersfield, CT. RICHARD TREAT,(*) one of the first settlers of Wethersfield, Conn., was married in England to Joan (???).

Hon. Richard Treat died in 1669.(+)
His widow, Mrs. Joan Treat, died (???).

(*)"Anthony Elcock. This may Certify whom it may concern, that Anthony Elcock,
master of the vessel called 'The Beginning,' heing bound for New-Haven, but miscarrying in the matter, doth protest against the seas as being the cause......... RICHARD TREATE."

"WETHERSFIELD, May 30, 1664."

(+)"The last will and testament of Richard Treat, senior late of Wethersfield, dec. is as

"Imprimis, I being weak and infirm of body, but of sound understanding, and of competent memory, do resign my soul to the Lord, hoping to be justified and saved by the merits of Christ, and my body to be buried.

"Item. I give and bequeath to my loving wife Alis Treat, after my decease, all the lands
of what kind soever, I stand possessed of within the bounds of Wethersfield, and five acres
of land lying in the dry swamp which I have improved and prepared for use lying next my son James, his land.
"Item, one piece of meadow lying in the great meadow, commonly called by the name of Send Home.
"Item, the one half or eight acres next home of that piece of meadow commonly called Fillbarn.
"Item, the home lot by the plaine lane site.
"Item, the dwelling house that I formerly lived in with convenient yard room, and that
end of the barn on the side the threshing floor, next the dwelling house, with the one half of that lot belonging to the said dwelling house, lying next his son Richard's house and lot, except my wife and son James shall agree otherwise.
"Item, all my pasture land fenced in beyond my daughter Hollister's lott.
"Item, the use of two of my best cows which she shall choose, which if they shall continue and stand longer than my loving wife liveth, they shall be my eldest son Richard Treats.
"Item, I give to my loving wife the standing bed, bedding, bedsted, with all the furniture thereto belonging, with the use of so much of the household goods during her life time as she shall judge needful for her comfort, of what sort soever.
"I give and bequeath to my eldest son Richard Treat, the full possession and confirmation of the farm of Nayog, with all the respective privileges thereto belonging, with three of my youngest heifers.
"Item, I give to my second, son, Robert Treat, [born 1621,] ten pounds. [He settled in
Milford. He married Jane Tapp, of Milford. She died April 8, 1703. He married again. Gov. Treat died July 12, 1710, in his 89th year, born 1621.]
"Item, I give to my youngest son, James Treat, [born 1634,] besides the lands already made over to him, my mill and grinding stone, fann, timber, chains, steelyards, and my little bible (???). [James Treat died February 12, 1708-9. Caption to his Inventory.]
"Item, I give to my son-in-law, Matthew Campfield, 20œ for that which is remaining of his portion. [He settled in Norwalk, and afterwards removed to Newark, N. J.]
"Item, I give to my daughter Hollister, 40 shillings.
"Item, to my daughter Johnson, 10 shillings.
"Item, My debts being paid, I give to my loving sons John Demon [Deming] and Robert Webster, equally, all the rest of my goods and chattels whatsoever, except Mr. Perkins book, which I give to my son John Demon, and my great bible to my daughter Honour Demon.
And that money in my cousin Samuel Welles, his hand, unto my cousin David Deming, son of John Demon senior, and my desire is that "My son-in-law, John Demon, Robert Webster and Richard Treat would be my overseers for their mutuall helpfullness to my louing wife and endeavoure to see the accomplishment this my last will and testament, and for the ratifycation hereof I have this thirteenth day of February, 1668, set to my hand and seale.

Bibliographic Information: Goodwin, Nathaniel. Genealogical Notes. Genealogical Publishing Co. Baltimore. 1982. Author: Nathaniel Goodwin Call Number: R929.1G657

This book contains the history and genealogy of many families including the Goodwin family to settle in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

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Richard TREAT was born 28 Aug 1584 in Pitminster, Co Somerset, England. He died 3 Mar 1669 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT.
BIOGRAPHY: Notes for Richard Trott//Treat , Sr.:
The History of Ancient Wethersfield/1974, Vol I, page 55-56. List Richard Treat. Deputy (Wethersfield) to Conn. Leg., Apr.1644, Sept. 1644, Apr.1645, Sept 1645, Dec. 1645, Apr. 1646, Oct 1646, May 1647, Sept 1647, May 1648, Sept 1648,May 1659, Sept 1649, May 1650, Oct 1650, May 1651, Sept 1651, May 1652, Sept 1652, May 1653, Sept 1653, May
1654, Sept 1654, May 1655, Oct 1655, May 1656, Feb 1657, May 1657, Ocy 1657; Assistant, Conn. Col., May 1658,May 1659, May 1660, May 1661, May 1662, Oct 1662, May 1663, May 1664; Patentee, Royal Charter, 1662; Ensign,Wethersfield Train Band, Feb. 1653; Corporal, Conn. Col. Troop, Mar. 1658.

Trott/Treat and his descendents. Will written Feb 13, 1668 and inventoried March 3, 1669/70.

English Origins of American Colonist by Ancestry Inc/1997, page 48. List Richard Trott Treat, Sr. and wife Alice as coming to America c1630, settling in Dorchester. They soon removed to Wethersfield, Conn..

The 20th Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans, Vol 10, page 185. List Richard Treat as being deputy from 1644-1658, governor's assistant from 1657-1665, and one of the patentees named in the charter granted by Charles II.

America's Successful Men of Affairs, edited by Henry Hall/1895, Vol 1, page 3. List Henry Carlton Hulbert, merchant, a son of New England, whose upright, energetic and successful life in the metropolis illustrates the virtues of the Puritan ancestry from which he descends. He traces his descent from several notable families. His paternal ancestor, Lieut. Thomas Hurlbut, came from England with Leon Gardiner about 1635, and afterward settled in Wethersfield, Conn. He served as an officer in the Pequot War. Through the marriage of John Hulbert, son of the pioneer, Dec. 15 1670, with Honor Treat Deming, daughter of
John Deming, he descends from Richard Treat, the father of Gov. Robert Treat of Connecticut. Both Richard Treat and John Deming were among the patentees of the famous charter, which was granted to Connecticut and afterward concealed in the Charter Oak at Hartford. Amos Hulbert, grandfather of the subject of this sketch, was a soldier of the American Revolution.

Adams, Vol 2, p. 711: The family, tho. having no place in the Mass. Recs., probably came to N. Eng. after 1637, and sett. at Watertown in that colony. The first mention of him in Conn. is, as a juror, June, 1642.......and in 1662, when King Charles ll granted the colony a charter, he was named in that doc. as one of the patentees...

Dr. Case, in his book of the Hollisters in America, has this to say about Richard Treat, Sr. (p.28): Richard Treat, Sr., was one of the first settlers of Wethersfield, and represented that town...

Americana, Vol 34, page 293 & 294.
The Treat Family, A Genealogy of Trott, Tratt, and Treat, pub 1893, written by John Harvey Treat, A.M. Family info is listed
on pages 15, 26 - 31.
Connecticut Court Records: I pages 88 & 93.
Notes for Alice Gaylaud:
English Orgins of American Colonist by Ancestry Inc/1997, page 48. List Alice as daughter of Hugh Gaylaud of Pitminster,
Somerset, England. She was christened at Pitminister on the 10 of May 1594. She married there April 27 1615 to Richard
Trott Treat, Sr. and came to America c1630 with their nine surving children. Settled at Dorchester but soon moved to
Wethersfield, CT.
Richard married Alice GAYLORD, daughter of Hugh GAYLORD and Joan, on 27 Apr 1615 in Pitminster, Co Somerset,
England. Alice was born 10 May 1594 in Pitminster, Co Somerset, England. She died 1670 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co.,
They had the following children:
2 F i. Honor TREAT was born 19 Mar 1616 in Pitminster, Co Somerset, England. She died 21 Nov 1705 in Wethersfield,
Hartford Co, Connecticut.
One source says she married in 1637.
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BIRTH: 1616, Pitminster, Summerset, England
Father: Richard TREAT
Mother: Joanna

3 F ii. Joanna TREAT was born 24 May 1618 in Pitminster, Co Somerset, England. She died in Wethersfield, Hartford Co,
4 F iii. Sarah TREAT was born 3 Dec 1620 in Pitminster, Co Somerset, England. She died in Newark, New Jersey.
5 M iv. Richard "II" TREAT was born 9 Jan 1622 in Pitminster, Co Somerset, England. He died 1693 in Wethersfield,
Hartford Co, Connecticut.
6 M v. Robert TREAT Gov. was born about 1622/1623 in Pitminster, Co Somerset, England and was christened 25 Feb
1624/1625 in Pitminster, Co Somerset, England. He died 12 Jul 1710 in Milford, New Haven Co., CT and was buried in
Milford, New Haven Co., CT.
BIOGRAPHY: Gov. of CT 1683-98; a famous indian fighter.
The History of Ancient Wethersfield, Vol 1, page 56. List Treat, Robert. Deputy (Milford) to N.H. Leg., May 1653, May
1654, May 1655, May 1656; Assistant, N.H. Col., May 1659, May 1660, May 1661, May 1662, May 1663, May 1664
(declined); Assistant (provisional appointment, Conn. Col.), Oct. 1664; Deputy (Milford) to Conn. Leg., Oct 1665. Lieut.
(chief military officer), Milford Train Band, May 1654; Captain of same, May 1661, confirmed July 1665; Assistant, 1673,
1674, 1675; Dep. Governor, 1676, 1677; Second Military Officer, New Haven Coumty, June 1672; Capt., New haven
County Troop, Aug. 1673; Major, New Haven County, Aug. 1673; Second Commander, vs. N.Y, Nov. 1673; member of
War Council, Nov 1673, July 1675, May 1676; Comander-in-Chief, Aug 1675, confirmed Oct. 1675; Committee on Indian
Complaints, May 1674, Granted 300 acres May 1673.
The Biographical Cyclopaedia of American Women, Vol.2, p. 24, by Gail Treat. Captain Robert Treat came to America,
founded Newark, New Jersey and Milford, Connecticut. He was governor of Connecticut during the "Charter Oak Affair"
when he hid the colonial charter in a hollow oak to prevent its being destroyed by Governor Andros when England took the
governorship from Treat. For 32 years he was Royal Governor and Deputy Governor of the Colony of Connecticut, President
of the United Colonies of New England, 1684. This Robert Treat held the highest military and civil offices in that Colony.
The 20th Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans, Vol 10, page 185. List Robert as settling in Watertown Mass
in 1635 with his parents, then moving to Wethersfield Conn in 1637. He moved to Miford in 1639 where he became active in
laying out the town. He was Lieutenant and Captain of the Train-band, a delegate to the general assembly of New haven
Colony, 1653-59 and a member of the Governor's council 1659-64. He was elected magistrate of Milford and a substitute for
one of the commissioners to the colonial council. He was a member of he committee to settle difficulties between
Massachusetts, New Haven and Connecticut. Robert removed to Newark, NJ in 1666 and served as town clerk and deputy
to the general assembly. He returned to Milford in 1671. He was Major of a company of Connecticut dragoons. In 1675 he
was appointed commander-in-chief of the colonial troops on the outbreak of King Philip's war. He also took part i the
Narragansett war, engaging in the "fort fight", Dec. 19, 1675. He was app
ointed Deputy Governor on May 11, 1676 and on the death of Gov. William Lette in 1683, succeeded to the Governors seat.
He was Governor during the famous "Charter Oak" affair. He was later appointed Colonel of New Haven county militia and on
May 9, 1869, on the deposition of Andros, he continued in the office of Governor, serving until 1698, when he became Deputy
Governor of which he held until 1708. Robert Treat was twice married, first to Jane and then to Elizabeth.
Robert was christened on February 25, 1624/25 at Pitminister, Co. Somerset, England. He is buried at the Old Burying
Ground in Milford, Connecticut.
The Treat Family, A Genealogy of Trott, Tratt, and Treat, pub 1893, written by John Harvey Treat, A.M. Info is listed on
pages 31, 130- 166.
The Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut, by J. H. Trumbull, Vol II, pages 21, 206, 218, Vol III pages 1, and 391.
Robert married (1) Jane TAPP, daughter of Edmund TAPP and Anna, on 24 Dec 1646 in Milford, New Haven Co., CT. Jane
was born 1626/1628 in Milford, New Haven Co., CT. She died 31 Oct 1705 in Milford, New Haven Co., CT.
Jane & Robert had 8 children, 1 died prior to 1703.
one source says she died Apr 30 1703. and yet another say Apr 8.
DEATH: Also 8 April 1703.
Robert also married (2) Elisabeth Hollingsworth POWELL on 24 Oct 1705. Elisabeth was born 1641. She died 1706.
she died in the Spring.
7 F vi. Elizabeth TREAT was born 8 Oct 1629 in Pitminster, Co Somerset, England. She died 1705.
one source says she was born on Jul 25, 1627.
8 F vii. Susannah TREAT was born 8 Oct 1629 in Pitminster, Co Somerset, England. She died 1705 in Hartford, Hartford
Co, Connectict.
"Susanna." one source says she was born on July 25,1627.
and died in Wethersfield.
another says she married in Middletown, CT.
9 F viii. Alice TREAT was born 16 Feb 1631 in Pitminster, Co Somerset, England. She died 2 Aug 1633.
10 M ix. James "Lt." TREAT was born 20 Jul 1634 in Pitminster, Co Somerset, England. He died 12 Feb 1709.
11 F x. Catherine TREAT was born 29 Jun 1637 in Pitminster, Co Somerset, England.
12 M xi. Thomas TREAT.

From the first GENFORUM.COM posting by Brenda Chandler (donnbda@aol.com)
Richard TREAT and Alice GAYLORD were married on Apr 27, 1615 in Pitminster, Somerset, England.

29827. Alice GAYLORD.Children were:



Susannah TREAT.