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Twelfth Generation

2080. Nathanial COFFIN23 was born in May 1671 in Dover, MA. He died on Oct 29, 1721. He was a Whaling Master. Nathaniel Coffin was born in Dover, New Hampshire in 1671. He married Demaris Gayer, daughter of William. Nathaniel was a sea captain and great grandfather to Gen. John Coffin and Admiral Sir Isaac Coffin. Nathaniel died in 1720.
Reference: http://www.isn.net/~dhunter/rcoffin/pg1_25.html

Nathanial COFFIN and Damaris GAYER were married on Oct 17, 1692.

2081. Damaris GAYER23 was born on Oct 24, 1673. She died on Sep 6, 1764 in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Her father was William Gayer from England whose ancestry is
traceable to 450 AD. Her grandfather was Lord Mayor of London Children were:



Benjamin COFFIN.