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Eleventh Generation

1050. John LTC NORTON23 was born in 1704. JOHN NORTON, (John,3 Joseph,2 Nicholas1), b. abt. 1704; res. E., gentleman. He was one of the most prominent citizens of the town and county in his life time, serving as Sheriff many years and holding the rank of Lieutenant Colonel of the Militia of the county. He moved to Hebron, Conn. abt. 1774 with his two sons, he being then abt. seventy years of age. It is supposed that he died there as it is known that his wife remained there till her death. He married HEPSIBAH COFFIN 23 Nov. 1724, who was b. 7 Sept. 1704 and d. 1794. They had the following named children:

424. LYDIA, b. 21 June 1726; prob. m. CORNELIUS BASSETT (51).
425. EUNICE, b. 3 July 1729; d. y.
426. HEPZIBAH, b. 11 May 1732; m. NICHOLAS BUTLER (61).
427. MARY, b. 16 Nov. 1734; d.20 Nov. 1740.
428. (Child), b. 21 Jan. 1736-6; d. y.
429. ANNE, b. 9 Oct. 1737.
427. JOHN, b. 18 Mch.1740
431. MARY, b. 23 June 1743; perh. m. NATHANIEL COFFIN 26 Mch.1769.
432. FRANCIS, b. 7 Feb. 1745.

http://history.vineyard.net//nortonj.htm John LTC NORTON and Hepsibah COFFIN were married on Nov 22, 1724.

1051. Hepsibah COFFIN23 was born on Sep 7, 1704. She died in 1794. Children were: