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Fourteenth Generation

8386. Edward RAINSFORD23 was christened on Sep 10, 1609 in Staverton, co. Northampton, England. He was born about Sep 1609 in Staverton, co. Northampton, England. He died on Aug 16, 1680 in Boston, Mass. He was a Migrated to Boston in 1630. He was Ruling Elder of 1st Church of Boston. Edward was Elder of the First Church of Boston; Freeman, 1637;
married (2)

Elizabeth Dildee or Dilloe (1607-88) - both are buried in King's

burying ground, Boston; was a merchant. Baptised at Staverton,

10 Sept 1609, Parish of St. John the Baptist, and was eighth
child of Robert.

His brother was Lord Chief Justice of England. Edward is
mentioned in his

father's will as the third son and is to receive 100 pounds when
age 21.

He emigrated to Boston, Mass. about 1630.


Carl Flegal (cflegal@msn.com) offered via email 18 Jun 1999 re:
ancestry of Edward back to Charlemagne:


The best reference that I have is Gary Boyd Roberts, "The New
England Ancestry of H.R.H. The Princess of Wales," NEHGR, 136,
85-103, 1982: "The second royal descent, compiled by H. J.
Young from F. N. MacNamara, Memorials of the Danvers Family (of
Dauntsey & Culworth) (London, 1895), William F. Carter, The
Quatremains of Oxfordshire (Oxford, 1936), volume 8 of the
Moriarty manuscript collection and a few other sources, is from
Hugh Capet, King of France, d. 996, through counts of Hainault,

Roucy, Montdidier, and Clermont, and the Clare, Wake, Duston,
Grey of Rotherfield, Breton, Quatremain, Bruley, Danvers,
Langston and Giffard families." "These kinships are explored in
"The Mowbray Connection," 7: 162-166, 174, 175."


Weiss gives the ancestry of Adelaide de Clermont.


James A. Rasmussen, "Edward Raynesford of Boston," NEHGR,
225-315, July, 1985 gives the ancestry through Alice Danvers,
her father Sir William Danvers of Colthrop, her grandmother Joan
Bruley. "Further particulars on Alice's ancestry may be found in

Samuel Barfield, Thatchem, Berks, and its Manors (Oxford, 1901),
edited by James Parker."


Details of these ancestries are found on the internet:


One ancestry of Joan Bruley is given at
(www.my-ged.com/db/page/scokin/04297). This fits with my
reference. I have not entered this ancestry into my computer
and can not send you a GEDCOM

myself. I'll be looking for it myself.

Paul Bailey McBride carries the ancestry of Thomas de Grey
(-1295) on back with many references,

Apparently many New England immigrants descend from Joan Bruley
including Ann Mowbray Hutchinson. Joan Bruley's ancestry also
appears to be correct at

8387. Mary23 died in Jun 1632 in Boston, MA. Children were: