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Thirteenth Generation

4164. Stephen HUSSEY23 was born about 1632 in Lynn, Massachusetts. He died on Apr 2, 1718. He was a Seafaring man, lived in Barbados; selectman. Theodate's father, Rev. Stephen Bachelor, gave his consent for
Theodate to marry Christopher, contingent on their going to
America with him. They arrived in Boston in 1632 on a the ship
William and Francis, settling first in Lynn, where Christopher's
eldest son, Stephen, was the first child baptized by his
grandfather in the church in Lynn.

Stephen was the only child of Christopher to make his home in
Nantucket. He was a seafaring man, had lived in Barbados, and
had acquired a little property. At the time of the organization
of the Friends' Society, in 1708, he was one of the petitioners,
a somewhat anomalous condition as he was a most persistent
litigant. He several times held office and appeared to be quite
a politician, and during the local turmoil foll9owing the
temporary overturn of the New York government, he was severely
denounced by Peter Folger for endeavoring to improperly affect
the voting. He had his father's interest in the island and
acquired that of Robert Pike. Stephen HUSSEY and Martha BUNKER were married on Oct 8, 1676.

4165. Martha BUNKER23 was born on Nov 28, 1656 in Newburyport, MA. She died on Oct 21, 1744 in Nantucket Island, MA. Children were:



Batchelor HUSSEY.


Puella HUSSEY.


Abigail HUSSEY.


Sylvanus HUSSEY.


Daniel HUSSEY.




George HUSSEY.


Theodate HUSSEY.