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Thirteenth Generation

4200. Joseph NORTON23 was born in Mar 1652. He died on Jan 30, 1741/42. This ancestor of the second branch of the family was one of the leading citizens of the Vineyard and its first representative to the General Court of Mass. in 1692. He was sheriff of the county in 1699 and was commissioned as Justice of the Court of Common Pleas in 1702. He resided at Major's Cove near Miober's Bridge where he lived until his death, 30 Jan. 1741-2. His will 28 May 1741 was pro. 19 Oct. 1742. He was twice married (1) MARY BAYES (14) abt. 1673 and (2) ANN TRAPP (12) abt. 1702; she survived him and her will Sept. 1750 was pro. 7 Aug. 1753.

Joseph NORTON and Mary BAYLES were married in 1673.

4201. Mary BAYLES.Children were: