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27th Generation

68878336. Richard COFFIN23 was born in 1280 in Alwington, Devonshire, England. The name Coffin, originates from an old Hebrew word meaning "one who sells baskets". Another definition is derived from the Norman word "Coffeyn", which meant guardian of the boundary. Members of the Coffin family were placed in the four corners of the west country to keep the territory in control of William the Conqueror.
Early place names bear this out. In the east there was a valley named Combe-Coffin, in the south there was Coffin-Will and in the east Coffin-Ingarly.

Some of the Coffins came to England before the Norman Conquest, and settled in Somerset and Devon. At the time of the Great Survey of all the lands, ordered by William the Conqueror, the Coffins are mentioned in the Doomsday Book, as being in possession of several hides of land, a hide being as much area that a family could utilize in order to substain it's members. The British seat of the Coffins, Portledge Manor, near Bidefore, Devon, was granted to Sir Richard Coffyn, Knight, for services rendered to William the Conqueror. The earliest record of Coffin ownership for Portledge is 1251. Portledge was held by the Coffins for seven centuries, with the eldest son inheriting the estate.
Reference: http://www.isn.net/~dhunter/rcoffin/rcoffini.html Children were: