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Note: We started this letter and had sent some copies out before my Dad's death on 12/16/2005. 2005 was a year of many changes, tears, and good times. A rollercoaster of a year for sure. While we mourn the passing of Marty's mom, Hazel Manger, and my dad, Tom Bentley, we are not forgetting the fantastic friends and family we have with us. We look forward to 2006 being a year of peace and happiness for all.
Thanks again to all very much for your support during our difficult times in 2005.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year again to everyone!
The year started off on a sad note with Marty's mom, Hazel, passing away in January after an unexpected illness. We miss her very much… she had been living with us for the last few years and was a close part of our lives. Seems like every day something reminds one of us of her presence in our lives. She's in a better place now, but we miss her all the same.

Many more changes in our lives this year….
We decided to sell our house in the spring and move to a condominium group of single homes. We sold the house in 5 weeks and have been in temporary quarters since July. The new house is on target to be finished by 12/22. We have a closing date set for 12/29 and we'll move the first weekend in January 2006 after the New Year's weekend (1/6). Looking forward to the new digs… there's a common pool, 6 hole golf, and clubhouse with billiard tables and workout area. The house has a gourmet kitchen setup and a nice jacuzzi to relax in. We'll send out address change info after we move in. Until next June our old address is forwarding to a PO Box .

Another major change was in June when I got a job with a new company… Accu-Sort was changing significantly with the new Danaher buyout, so it was time for a change. I now work for Dontech, Inc. in Doylestown, PA as Director of Materials ( It's a smaller company, but a lot more fun to work at. It's nice enjoying going to work every day again!

Marty's still with The Benzing Company... bridge construction work is starting to pick up again after a slow year. They're keeping her very busy!

We had a great summer vacation at the NJ shore - Stone Harbor. Katie, Becky, and Jenn all took time off their jobs to go … the first all together family vacation in over 5 years. We had great beach weather, went deep sea fishing, made some pottery, and had great seafood! We also enjoyed a few days in Vermont this fall and Barry & Marianne came down to Bethlehem for Celtic fest in September… good beer and great friends!

Becky's still up in Syracuse, NY… LOTS of snow! She's working full time and going to Syracuse University nights. She went with my father and I to my great-uncle's 91st birthday party and met a lot of the SCOTT cousins in the Syracuse area…. It had been many years since we saw most of them and it was great fun!

Katie's finishing her last few courses to get her degree and also working part-time. We enjoy having her in the area and doing some winery visits with her.

Jenn's got a year under her belt now as a café supervisor for Borders Bookstore. We're glad to have her as part of our family.

Happy Holidays & God bless you all in the coming New Year. We're lucky to be blessed with such good friends and family… thanks to all. Please stop in anytime if you're near us!
Peace & Love from Dick, Marty, Katie, Becky, & our wonderdog - Abby

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